[ntp:questions] Re: Reach error codes

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Jan 26 00:25:26 UTC 2006


Is the maintainer aware of the issues? There are a bunch of guys at 
NIST, USNO and UWisc who would really sleep better knowing the SNTP that 
comes from here is an upstart network citizen. It would also set a 
really important precedent.

An appropriate way to do this is a simple disclaimer README in the sntp 
directory that says the implementation conforms to the requirements of 
rfc4330, assuming that RFC rejoins the IETF list.

Is the SNTP maintainer contact info on the copyright page? I asked you 
for a list of folks that should be added, but have no reponse.


Harlan Stenn wrote:

> Dave,
>>I asked the question some time ago whether you or another author
>>stipulated that the SNTP client does or does not comply with the proposed
>>ID update of rfc2030, which has apparently become rfc4330. I say
>>apparently, because I saw and downloaded it a few jiffies ago, but it is
>>not in the RFC list now. In any case, I did not get an answer.
> I do not know the answer to your question for two reasons:
> - I don't know what you mean by the  proposed ID update
> - Even if I did, I have not been paying attention to the sntp code, as we
>   now have somebody who is the maintainer for that code
> I do know that if there is a problem we can fix it.
> As for the deployment schedule, as soon as some of the outstanding bugs in
> the existing sntp codebase are fixed I plan to deprecate ntpdate.
> H

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