[ntp:questions] Re: This is tougher than I thought?

Per Hedeland per at hedeland.org
Thu Jan 26 00:31:03 UTC 2006

In article <GvmdneNrkM49_0renZ2dnUVZ_smdnZ2d at comcast.com> "Richard
B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> writes:
>Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>A threaded newsreader is all that's needed, right?

No. I use an excellent threaded newsreader (I've mentioned it before
here:-), and now that threading works again here, I can go to the parent
article (assuming it's available) with a single keypress, and back again
with another - but why should I need to? What happens is basically this:

(Starts reading posting by Harlan)

What the f** is he talking about?

(Goes to parent article)

Aha, it was that thread... - and what did Harlan say?

(Goes back to Harlans post)

OK - and just how does that relate to what he is commenting on?

(Back to parent)

Etc etc. Compare this to having the nice, standard Usenet layout of
interleaved statements/questions and responses in one place - the
non-quoting style is a pain.

>If all you have to read news with is Netscape, no!  Solaris does not 
>appear to ship with a newsreader.   That and Windoze are what I have.

Well, there are plenty of free newsreaders that run on Solaris

>Netscape does, however, quote the text I'm replying to automagically!

As any decent newsreader should. Perhaps you could also look into
trimming the quotes, and putting your comments next to the thing they're
commenting?:-) Seeing that your posting style is at the other extreme
from Harlan's.:-) (With the "quote everything and put new text at one
end" style, I actually prefer that the new text is (shudder) placed at
the top...)

>You seem to be the only user of any newsgroup I read who does not quote!

Actually, unfortunately, it is becoming quite widespread - but in most
cases, it can be blamed on the "new and improved" but totally broken
interface of Google Groups, combined with general newbieness (neither of
which applies to Harlan:-).

--Per Hedeland
per at hedeland.org

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