[ntp:questions] Re: Audit program for scanning hosts for local time accuracy.

Dave davep at hmgcc.gov.uk
Thu Jan 26 08:34:46 UTC 2006

themeanies wrote:

> I guess I didn't ask properly, maybe this is the wrong place.
> Maybe what I asked in my original posting was too broad to accomplish in 
> one fell swoop.  Let's break it down a little further.  Lets say I have 
> 500 Windows XP/2000 workstations.  200 are in a domain to which I am an 
> admin, the other 300 are not domain joined but I have access to 
> credentials.  If I have proper *windows* authentication there should be 
> a way to query the time on all these machines.  Maybe not via (S)NTP but 
> some windows mechanism.  I'm specifically looking to find machines which 
> are not syncing properly to my Time server or are not set at all.

The NET TIME windows command will display the time at a remote machine, 
however the display is only to the nearest minute - good enough to 
detect a completely unsynchronised workstation perhaps? To do better you 
could use the NetRemoteTOD() Win32 API call from a C program which gives 
hundredths of seconds.

I'm not sure whether either of these will work in a non-domain environment.

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