[ntp:questions] ntp for win32 on XP

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sat Jan 28 23:08:14 UTC 2006

Bastian wrote:
> I'm using http://norloff.org/ntp/ntp-4.1.2-nt.zip 

Please upgrade to the latest version, which is at least 4.2.0a. That
version is positively ancient.

> My ntp.conf file is as follows:
> server time-a.nist.gov
> server time-b.nist.gov
> server time.nist.gov
> server nist1.aol-ca.truetime.com
> #fudge stratum 5	# Resets Stratum from default 3 to 5
> driftfile %windir%\ntp.drift	# path for drift file
> Yet something is screwed up.  The list of servers keeps growing when I
> do ntpdc -c peers
Use ntpq -p rather than ntpdc to get information. I can't understand why
you would get more and more data back each time you run the query but we
don't see that in the latest versions.


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