[ntp:questions] Re: This is tougher than I thought?

Axonn axonnus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 15:26:04 UTC 2006

Whoah, did you people talk it or what :- ). Last time I was here there
were like 20 messages and now I saw I ain't seeing straight. Well I had
a tough week with a Beta 2 release for the freeware I'm forgin' at. And
I'll have some more busy weeks before I can finally start hitting at
the NTP :- )

Hal Murray: Thank you for the info Hal (hm, I feel like in Arthur C.
Clarke *laugh*... kidding, don't mean no disrespect!). I don't plan to
go flooding anybody with NTP packets. I'm considering doing something
rather gentle :- >.

Danny Mayer: I ain't gettin' discouraged so easily. But NTP is a huge
monster compared to what I was thinking it is (a tiny mouse). It's like
in a cartoon when some character steps down on the claw of a huge beast
and then looks up and up and up and up and up... and whoops *gulp*...
*laugh*. So the only that I can do is either study the very basics that
I need for my task (which I'm doing) or wait for a few years till I
have time to read it all (unlikely).

Yeah, I know the lag question. It's relative, obviously. Go trip
usually doesn't take the same as the return trip :- ), I do know THAT
much. That's why I was questioning the answer of a NTP server
altogether. Even if the latency is below 200 ms, how can NTP keep it
together to an accurancy less than 10 ms. But hey, I guess there ain't
no simple answer to that right? :- D. Unfortunately I won't have time
to read hundreds of pages about NTP in the near future, even if it's so

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