[ntp:questions] Re: Leap second hangover?

Karel Sandler sandler at ujf.cas.cz
Sun Jul 2 00:49:22 UTC 2006

"David J Taylor"  wrote:

>>> Two of my PCs have show a great NTP instability since 0000UTC this
>>> morning, just like the events which happened on January 1st after
>>> the leap second insertion.  Please see:
>>>  http://www.david-taylor.myby.co.uk/mrtg/daily_ntp.html

> On both problem PCs, at 01:00 a positive leap second is inserted.  Arrgh!
> Now the announcement wasn't coming from my own stratum 1 server (at least 
> I hope it wasn't, as not all client PCs were affected).
> On PC Bacchus, a positive leap second was detected by NTP at 09:10 (clock) 
> on June 06, the event log does not show which server provided this duff 
> information.  The NTP on that server was restarted on March 04 and was 
> using NTP UK pool servers, plus ntp2c.mcc.ac.uk.
> On PC Stamsund, a positive leap second was detected by NTP at 09:17 
> (clock) on June 6.  Its servers included UK pool servers, and 
> (utserv.mcc.ac.uk).
> [Suggestion to the developers: log which server suggested the leap-second]
> [Suggestion to the developers: provide some sort of "majority vote 
> required" before a leap-second is actually inserted]
> All my systems are using the server ntp2c.mcc.ac.uk, so I presume that is 
> not is sending out the spurious message.  How can I find out if a server 
> is sending out a leap-second required message?  I can only assume 
> something in the UK pool of servers was incorrectly sending the 
> leap-second message, and may still be.
> [Suggestion to NTP pool maintainers: list erroneous servers like this if 
> possible]

According to the www.pool.ntp.org there are 57 UK servers today. All these 
servers (3 S1, 32 S2, 20 S3 and 2 S4) have 'leap 00' (at Jul 1 23:36 UTC) 
and all those three S1 were OK according to the pool scores. But - one more 
server (S1) has been there until Jul 1 03 AM UTC.
Maybe, don't know.

Karel Sandler

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