[ntp:questions] Re: local DCF-clock not connected to RxD

mike michael.no.spam.cook at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 5 21:35:23 UTC 2006

Just a suggestion as I don't have your device.
If you can dispense with the rs-232-> usb , then why not try
connecting to DCD and using the SHM driver in conjunction
with Jonathan Buzzards DCF radioclock daemon.
There is no needfor any particular baud rate to be set
as there is no host -> refclock comms. You would probably
need to check the polarity of the signal as it uses assert
to start the timing of interrupts and signal pulse length
on the DCD pin.


Reinhold wrote:
> Hello Martin,
>>If I remember correctly we have already discussed this on the phone, and you
>>are using a RS-232-to-USB converter.
> yes, we do
>>While this may work with a device which transmits an ASCII string (in spite
>>of the jitter introduced by the USB bus) I doubt NTP's RAW_DCF driver would
>>at all be able to decode the raw DCF77 time marks properly after they have
>>been transferred via USB.
> I have to try this because we want to discuss all possibilities. The
> jitter is no problem for our needs, if NTP accept this source
> Reinhold

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