[ntp:questions] new Max step option

lehmama at derd.dfs.de lehmama at derd.dfs.de
Tue Jul 11 08:57:13 UTC 2006

hi ntp devs,
i already talked about that topic with harlan on #ntp channel and described 
why i'm needing this new option.
But first my Problem:
i need a mechanism to adjust a offset bigger than 1s without steps bigger than 
ca 0.2 (could be variable ... like a tinker option ) secs. i already inserted 
some simple lines of code at the head of local_clock function in 

if (fabs(fp_offset) > PHX_MAX_STEP ){
                msyslog(LOG_NOTICE, "abs(fp_offset)[%.2f] > PHX_MAX_STEP",
                if ( fp_offset < 0 ){
                        fp_offset = -PHX_MAX_STEP;
                        fp_offset = PHX_MAX_STEP;
                msyslog(LOG_NOTICE, " so shrank to %.2d\n",

I'm not really familiar with code but i hope u r getting my idea.
is it thinkable to get such an option included into the cvs ntpd sometimes?

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