[ntp:questions] Re: Question about TrueTime NTS-100i

John Pettitt jpp at cloudview.com
Wed Jul 19 18:05:22 UTC 2006

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> Bob Radvanovsky wrote:
>> Not sure if this is the appropriate place or not for this, but figured
>> that since it deals with NTP, and GPS time bases, this would be as
>> good of a place as any to ask my question, so here goes...
>> I have a TrueTime NTS-100i server.  It does GPS time synchronization,
>> and I *think* that it does NTP, too.  Problem is, is there is an epoch
>> issue with the server.  Anyone know *how* to fix this without having
>> to spend $2000+ USD on a replacement???  I don't have that kind of
>> cash, and thought that I might be able to use it (not realizing that
>> it has an epoch issue).
>> Any ideas, people?  Private email or here is fine.  Email is
>> "rsradvan at unixworks.net".
>> Thanks.
>> -r
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> Can you be a little more explicit than just "epoch issue"?
> If it really does NTP, it should be able to handle any date between
> 1-Jan-1970 and sometime in 2038.
> FWIW, I believe that Symmetricom bought TrueTime and provides whatever
> support is still availabe for TrueTime products.  This might include
> such things as firmware upgrades.
> Support from Symmetricom is supposed to be available until 7-June-2007.
> See: http://www.symmetricom.com/Media/pdf/pdb/PDB_TT_NTS-100i.pdf

And even long after the end of life of a product Symmetricom was really helpful - I have an NTS100
(not the i version) that I got on eBay and they dug up a manual for me and were able to find
somebody who could answer questions.  The level of service we very impressive for a 10+ year old
product, it's unusual and pleasing to see a company stand behind a product that old that they got as
part of a merger. They are on my list of good vendors when for when I spend company $.


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