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Bob Radvanovsky rsradvan at unixworks.net
Wed Jul 19 18:50:14 UTC 2006

When the server comes up, it registered as that blast-from-the-past get-down/get-funkay age of "1970".  Somehow, when I attempt at entering the correct date, it won't let me enter "2006".  It keeps wanting to go back to "1970".  I figured that this was a Y2K-related issue (having worked at United Airlines *specifically* for time remediation efforts for Year 2000 -- then again, EVERYBODY was doign "Y2K remediation" in some form or another.  Just that I was one of those who was actively involved in ensuring that dates and times were correct enterprise-wide.  I can ask a colleague I knew from UAL who had also worked there, but I'm not sure he'd want his name mentioned here or not.

Nonetheless, without investing too much time -- and esp. money (since I don't have it) -- I simply want to hook this box up to a GPS (which I believe that it will handle *OR* do a NTP date/time compandering to ensure the the date/time doesn't drift too much.  The Eophc issue was mentioned by a friend of mine who had found out about this "feature".  Apparently, it wants to *back* in time once it reaches a certain point, of which I can neither confirm nor deny if this is or is not the case.  I need to "play" with this device some more.

Anyone have an administrative guide to this sucker?  If so, please email me the PDF to: "rsradvan at unixworks.net".

This device will be utilized within my *personal* computer lab downstairs in my house basement (URL: http://srvr1003.unixworks.net/www/unixworks.net/lab.cgi/uw-040722 if interested).  I do private research for my own interests, strictly NON-COMMERCIAL, and ahve lately begun investigating SCADA security research, of which several devices require that I have a VERY accurate time-base.  This device will allow me, esp. if I have it connected to an external GPS receiver.  Any suggestions as to *what* to do, I would appreciate it.  I'm not going to get rid of this device, and if it turns out to be *bad* because of a Y2K-related issue, then I'll just adjust the time-base to 1976 instead (OK, so being 30 years younger wouldn't be such a bad thing, wouldn't you agree?) and go from there.  I don't need the date/time to be 2006 (although it would be nice, it's not a requirement), I still won't get rid of the device.  And, if it turns out to be *bad*, I'll gut it out and utilize the chassis for something else.  ;))  1U chassis boxes costs around $100-200 NEW; slightly used server-boxes are about 1/2 of that.  i've got enough projects that I can utilize the chassis for something else..after al, I'm a "ham radio operator", too...  ;))


P.S.  I'll call Symmetricom later this week about this device.  Maybe they have a firmware upgrade that I can get without having to spend too much...  ;))

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> Bob Radvanovsky wrote:
> > Not sure if this is the appropriate place or not for this, but figured
> that since it deals with NTP, and GPS time bases, this would be as good of a
> place as any to ask my question, so here goes...
> > 
> > I have a TrueTime NTS-100i server.  It does GPS time synchronization, and
> I *think* that it does NTP, too.  Problem is, is there is an epoch issue
> with the server.  Anyone know *how* to fix this without having to spend
> $2000+ USD on a replacement???  I don't have that kind of cash, and thought
> that I might be able to use it (not realizing that it has an epoch issue).
> > 
> > Any ideas, people?  Private email or here is fine.  Email is
> "rsradvan at unixworks.net".
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > -r
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> Can you be a little more explicit than just "epoch issue"?
> If it really does NTP, it should be able to handle any date between 
> 1-Jan-1970 and sometime in 2038.
> FWIW, I believe that Symmetricom bought TrueTime and provides whatever 
> support is still availabe for TrueTime products.  This might include 
> such things as firmware upgrades.
> Support from Symmetricom is supposed to be available until 7-June-2007.
> See: http://www.symmetricom.com/Media/pdf/pdb/PDB_TT_NTS-100i.pdf
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