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>I wish to write a C program which obtains the system time and hence
>uses this time to print out its ntp equivalent.
>Am I right in saying that the following is correct for the seconds part
>of the ntp time?
>long int ntp.seconds = time(NULL) + 2208988800;


>How might I calculate the fraction part?

The fraction part is an unsigned binary fraction of a second i.e. MSB
== 0.5s so depending on where you get your high resolution time from:

unsigned long ntp.fraction = (double)units/UNITS_PER_S*NTP_PER_S;
#define UNITS_PER_S	1E9 /* or impl defined symbol */
#define NTP_PER_S	4294967296.

but for your time to be meaningful, you need to get your seconds and
fraction counts at the same instant, through a non-standard function,
such as POSIX clock_gettime(), not through a separate call to time(). 

Note that ntp.seconds should also be an unsigned long; the NTP date is
a signed 128 bit quantity with a 64 bit fraction, but the current NTP
timestamp is truncated to 32 bits each for seconds and fraction. 


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