[ntp:questions] Re: Slew mode check for XNTP

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Thu Jul 27 01:38:26 UTC 2006

Sasikumar Jayaraman wrote:
> Thanks much for the info David.
> Here is my comments.
> I am running XNTP version 4.2.0 as per ntpdc -c version output.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> C:\>ntpdc -c version
> ntpdc 4.2.0 fr Oct 17 8:50:07 2003 (1)
> -------------------------------------------------------------

This shows the version of ntpdc and not ntpd.

> To confirm that slew mode is not supported in NT, I did the following
> check.
> I changed the system clock ahead of 5 minutes and stoped the NTP Servcie.
> Then executed the following commant.
> *ntpdate -B ntp01-ams    (This would slew the clock instead of default step
> option)*

ntpdate != ntpd so this means nothing

> ----------------------------------------------
> Also I tried changing the registry setting to include  -x and -g option.

You need to be running 4.2.2 at least for this to work.

> After to that I changed the system timing and started the ntp service. What
> I saw is withing 10 minutes system clock is changed to ntp server clock in
> one shot. This is not how slew mode would operate?. Slew mode would take
> many hrs to correct simple 3 minutes change. Am I correct?

Right, but you need the right version of ntpd first.
> Can I conclude that slew mode operation is not available for Windows
> version
> of  XNTP?

No, you cannot. Upgrade to 4.2.2 and then add the options to the service
command line.

You haven't said why slewalways is a requirement for you. Can you explain?


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