[ntp:questions] wwv audio testing

rtxo gnu at localhost.wraith.sf.ca.us
Sat Jul 29 23:17:24 UTC 2006

Hi Folks---

If you've been trying to get the ntp audio code working, its handy to have a
known source of audio available. There's a tool in the ntp distribution that
works on solaris (I've tried it under solaris x86) to do this. No port for
linux or freebsd, yet, though, that I've seen.

This afternoon I managed to get Colin Plum's wwv hack working ok under linux.
I fixed a few bugs, and now it seems to happily generate a wwv signal out the
sound card of my linux alsa setup. Feeding this into another linux host that
is running the ntp audio code works nicely. The sending computer is locked to
GPS via ntp, and the little audio tool ticks along just swell.

I've added a paragraph about this on my PC gnu/linux and freebsd ntp server page:


There's a link to the patched code on the site.

If your audio setup works with this, then you should be able to get the IRIG
or CHU audio going as well. I've configured up IRIG here, but I don't have
a radio that is CHU capable so I haven't done that yet.

The sound card part is still a bit tricky. Audio input seems to not always be well
tested in the drivers.


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