[ntp:questions] Problem getting ntpdsim running...

Mike Woosnam mike.woosnam at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 3 11:06:37 UTC 2006

When I try and run ntpdsim using settings exactly as the online documentation (except I replace 'pogo' with 'localhost' in ntp.conf),I get a list of numbers in the console of which the following are the first few:
          T                     T+ERR                                      T+ERR+NTP 
-----------------       -----------------                                        -----------------     
0.000000                0.099358                                         -0.000000  
3600.000000        21485533026942488576.000000          3600.000000
7200.000000        26093389986207141888.000000          7200.000000
  After which the program seems to shut down, ie no trace of the process 
with ps.
However, the following lines appear in the ntp log: 
3 Mar 09:44:05 ntpdsim[26578]: synchronized to LOCAL(0), stratum=10
3 Mar 09:44:05 ntpdsim[26578]: kernel time sync disabled 0041
3 Mar 09:44:05 ntpdsim[26578]: kernel time sync enabled 0001
  ...and 0.0000 is written in the ntp.drift file.
  I'm using ntp ver 4.2.0 on SUSE Linux 2.6.6.
Anybody know what is happening..or what should happen?

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