[ntp:questions] Re: Problem getting ntpdsim running...

Mike Woosnam mike.woosnam at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 5 10:33:27 UTC 2006

Thanks Harlan,
  I've looked into this a bit further and it seems that maybe ntpdsim was running OK after all and the basic problem was my own understanding of what it was supposed to do.
I was trying to create a 'bad' server to add to a list of 'good' servers to evaluate a clients fault detection ability.The original plan was to intercept and manipulate the ntp packets between the client and server in order to produce the effect of jitter,wander and offset. Then I saw the ntpdsim web page and thought, Wow, that's just what I need!...but life is never that simple.
It may be possible to adapt ntpdsim to run 'inside out' in real time, to produce the effect I want, but further investigation is needed to see whether it is worth it.

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