[ntp:questions] Setting Up NTP Subnet

Bill Myers whmyers at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 16:58:07 UTC 2006

 I have questions regarding best practices on architecture of NTP subnets.
I've thoroughly read "Notes on Setting up a NTP subnet" from the NTP sites.

Is there a need for multiple external time source TECHNOLOGIES.  That is, is
it sufficient to use multiple (8) GPS receivers with ACTS dial backup
and Rubidium clocks?   This is a sizeable investment for the infrastructure,
but is it the right way?  Is it necessary or desirable to have other sources
such as radio and/or Internet?

In case you have not picked up on it, I'm talking about an appliance here.
I find it odd that one cannot NTP peer these appliances.  This suggests to
me that we should create a stratum 2 tier peer layer a stratum 3 tier that
peers and serves time to the endpoints.

More dysfunction?  The plan is for the stratum 2 tier, which is also the
time distribution tier, to be the cache DNS for some high-volume data center

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