[ntp:questions] synchronization

Ron Croonenberg ronc at depauw.edu
Thu Mar 9 14:45:32 UTC 2006


I am trying to do the following.

We are planning to have a time server with it's own gps/clock and have 
other servers sync with that one.

For now I am setting up one machine that servers as the main time server 
and let others sync with it.

Problem I have is that I see things in the ntp.log like :
  9 Mar 09:06:21 ntpd[2431]: time reset 1.734569 s
  9 Mar 09:06:21 ntpd[2431]: synchronisation lost
  9 Mar 09:15:01 ntpd[2431]: synchronisation lost
  9 Mar 09:30:03 ntpd[2431]: time reset 1.740734 s
  9 Mar 09:30:03 ntpd[2431]: synchronisation lost
  9 Mar 09:34:28 ntpd[2431]: synchronisation lost

So I either have a problem in the  server and client config files or I 
am facing another problem ?



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