[ntp:questions] Re: why does my unauthenticated peer still sync?

mlawdawg@yahoo.com mlawdawg at comcast.net
Thu Mar 9 22:23:29 UTC 2006

Hi Harlan,

My email address changed. It's now "mlawdawg at comcast.net". Yahoo now
kicks you off after 4 mons of no login!

I've never posted my ntp.conf file. In fact, in my env there will not
be an ntp.conf file. Suffice it to say, that my cfg is such that when
Host B's (it's symmetic active) pkt arrives at Host A, the cfg is such
that RES_DONTTRUST is NOT set in the restrict_mask, sys_authenticate is
set to 1, and is_authentic is 0. This makes Host A respond to Host B
via fast_xmit() via the ntp_proto.c code below:

               if (restrict_mask & RES_DONTTRUST) {
                        return;                 /* no trust */
                if (sys_authenticate && !is_authentic) {
THIS LINE ==========> fast_xmit(rbufp, MODE_PASSIVE, 0,
                        return;                 /* bad auth */

I noticed that the diff in this code between 4.2.0 and
ntp-dev-4.2.0b-rc1-20060306.tar.gz is that 4.2.0 calls fast_xmit()
using MODE_PASSIVE while ntp-dev-4.2.0b-rc1-20060306.tar.gz calls
fast_xmit() using MODE_ACTIVE.

Does this mode difference cause Host B to react differently? Ie. will
Host B no longer "sync" with Host A.

In either case, Host A never mobilizes a symmetric passive association
for Host B.


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