[ntp:questions] maxpoll >=14 causes other clients to reject server

David D. Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Sun Mar 12 14:32:23 UTC 2006

I have an NTP server at my firewall, synced to various sources on the 
Internet. Being a good netizen I want to poll those servers no more than 
needed, so I set the maxpoll high so that once my server is synced, it 
should poll its sources very infrequently.

However, if I set maxpoll to 14 or more, then my computers on the inside 
will occasionally reject the firewall server as not being synced because 
it has not synced recently enough.

I am assuming the firewall server is reporting that it hasn't synced 
recently enough, and that is why the clients are rejecting it. Fair 
enough, but then shouldn't the server go sync again, even though it has 
not reached the maxpoll interval? Alternatively, should not the server 
just say "I'm OK, I have synced within my programmed time, all is well"? 
Or lastly, shouldn't the server say "maxpoll >=14 is not valid"?

All machines in this discussion are Fedora Core machines running ntp-4.2.0a.

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