[ntp:questions] Re: Laptop

Jed Clear clear at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 15 00:49:58 UTC 2006

David J Taylor wrote:
> Jed Clear wrote:
> > The correct question is why did Apple's MacOSX coders see fit to tack
> > "minpoll 12 maxpoll 17" to *every* line in ntp.conf, whenever you
> > look at the date & time preferences GUI.  Part of it might be to
> > spare some of the load on the default NTP servers they supply in
> > apple.com.  But the code ought not to mess with non-apple servers and
> > other non-server options.
> Thanks for that information.  I would have described such an
> implementation as "broken".

Didn't I say that?  ;-)

It's really fun when one's ntp.conf goes from "broadcastclient yes" to "server
broadcastclient minpoll..." and it adds min and max poll to your auth and keys. 
I keep a backup ntp.conf copy in $HOME for those times I'm poking around the
Prefs GUI and forget to skip the date & time section.  This was in 10.3, I
haven't tried it in 10.4, but OP is running 10.4.  

Hmm, 10.4.5 seems to blow the file out and add back just the server from the GUI
with the minpoll 12 maxpoll 17.  Well that's slightly less broke.


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