[ntp:questions] Re: out of memory with rc1!

jkline john at johnkline.com
Wed Mar 15 03:02:11 UTC 2006

>>> Where is this notice on that website?  I don't see it...

I'm running rc1 on FreeBSD 6.0 and I'm not seeing any memory problems;
but I did find the reference on the pool.ntp.org configuration page.
It is being reported as a LINUX issue and, as such, may not have
anything to do with the out of memory being reported here.

>>Typical problems
>>"Out of memory"
>>Some linux distributions defaults to only allowing an application to lock 32KB memory. An ntpd in the >>pool requires more than that. In the ntpd startup script (often /etc/init.d/ntpd) add this before ntpd is >>started:
>>ulimit -l 8192

I also found this:

>>Thomas Zehetbauer:
>>I just hit the very same problem. Whenever my server was included in
>>pool.ntp.org it died within hours.
>>After some hours of experimentation and research I think I have found
>>this problem to be a combination of
>>1) misconfigured clients using 'peer' instead of 'server'; use 'nopeer'
>>for all client access restrict lines
>>2) ntpd trying to lock itself into memory; compile ntp without
>>3) RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is only 32kB by default; raise with ulimit -l before
>>starting ntpd

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