[ntp:questions] Re: out of memory with rc1!

Joshua Coombs jcoombs at gwi.net
Wed Mar 15 16:30:17 UTC 2006

"John Pettitt" <jpp at cloudview.com> wrote in message 
news:4417234D.3020200 at cloudview.com...
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> I switched my stratum one box to rc1 and it's died twice with "out 
> of memory" - has anybody else
> seen this?

I'm running RC1 on 4.11, no clients, approx 60 servers conf'd, and 
memory usage has been constant.  If a bunch of people want to try 
slamming it with clients, I'll open the restrictions for a bit, just 
don't expect stellar time from it. : )

Joshua Coombs 

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