[ntp:questions] Re: SNTP and requirement 1PPS signal

mike michael.no.spam.cook at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 15 20:25:44 UTC 2006

RFC 2030 says:

    It is strongly recommended that SNTP be used only at the extremities
    of the synchronization subnet. SNTP clients should operate only at
    the leaves (highest stratum) of the subnet and in configurations
    where no NTP or SNTP client is dependent on another SNTP client for
    synchronization. SNTP servers should operate only at the root
    (stratum 1) of the subnet and then only in configurations where no
    other source of synchronization other than a reliable radio or modem
    time service is available.

So PPS sync would be useful at the top of your tree.

yash wrote:
> Hi ALL
> I am using SNTP fro time synchronisation between machines.
> In this senario, if we want to use 1PPS signal along with SNTP for time
> sync, What will be the usefulness of 1 PPS signal.
> In What will be the contribution of 1 PPS signal in time
> synchronisation ?
> I will be grateful to you for suggestions . 
> best regards, 
> Yashpal

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