[ntp:questions] OT Re: SNTP and requirement 1PPS signal

Jed Clear clear at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 15 22:53:47 UTC 2006

mike wrote:
> RFC 2030 says:
>     It is strongly recommended that SNTP be used only at the extremities
>     of the synchronization subnet. SNTP clients should operate only at
>     the leaves (highest stratum) of the subnet and in configurations
>     where no NTP or SNTP client is dependent on another SNTP client for
>     synchronization. SNTP servers should operate only at the root
>     (stratum 1) of the subnet and then only in configurations where no
>     other source of synchronization other than a reliable radio or modem
>     time service is available.

Is it just me or has "subnet" taken on a new meaning in this RFC?


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