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news.telenet.be Renard.Dehenau at telenet.be
Mon Mar 20 21:20:15 UTC 2006

Dear Dr. Mills

I installed the NTP version 4.2.0 from the meinberg.de website. This Time 
syncronization service works fine on a test server. Thank you David for your 

Unfortunatly, I didn't find information about the configuration of a secure 
connection to the public time servers with ESP, AH or MD5. You suggest on 
the website of the University of Delaware to use the Autokey security 
Architecture, Protocol and Algorithms 
But I'm a bit confused about Autokey! How do I use this application with the 
NTP version 4.2.0 for Windows to transmit secure NTP requests to the public 
time servers? Where can I find this application?

Best regards,


"Prenard" <renard.dehenau at telenet.be> wrote in message 
news:1142852277.136077.274310 at z34g2000cwc.googlegroups.com...
> Dear all,
> Is their a possibility in Windows XP or 2003 to make a secure
> connection to one of the public pool time servers?
> If a secure connection to my Windows and to the a public server is
> possible, what kind of authentication method should i configure on my
> 2003 server? Windows can communicate with different security methods:
> - Ecryption and integrity
> - Integrity only
> - Custom: AH and/or ESP (ntegrity with SHA1 or MD5 and Encryption
> algorithm with 3DES or DES)
> I want to pay more attention on the security leaks from my server to
> the public connection.
> Thank you to help me!
> Patrice

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