[ntp:questions] Re: beginner question

malayter at gmail.com malayter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 02:34:41 UTC 2006

IF these machines are members of a Windows Active Directory Domain, the
Simple NTP service called Windows Time in each will automatically keep
them within about 1 second of each other. If they're not in a domain,
from a command line run:
on SERVERB to sync it to the other server. You can then use
   NET TIME /SETSNTP:us.pool.ntp.org
on SERVERA to get a decent external time reference from the internet.
The Windows time service will automatically poll about once every 8
hours or so and slew the clock to keep it within 1 second of the time

If you need better accuracy than 1 second (and you probably do for
security audit logging), set up the "real" NTP for windows (see
www.ntp.org), or upgrade to Windows 2003 which has a better NTP (not
just SNTP) implementation.

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