[ntp:questions] Re: ntpq -p -n times out

Chris Richmond - MD6-FDC ~ crichmon at filc8046.fm.intel.com
Tue Mar 21 21:07:11 UTC 2006

In article <slrne20cnj.fmu.kostecke at stasis.kostecke.net>,
 Steve Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.isc.org> writes:
>On 2006-03-21, Chris Richmond wrote:
>Either ntpd is not really running, or the restrictions in your ntp.conf
>are preventing you from querying your ntpd status.

Well... when it was dying trying to start because of the bad args,
I got Connection Refused messages, so I'm 99% sure its running.
The config file is pretty basic, but that's where I'll check first.

If there's no authentication stuff enabled, what else would
restrict access?

Thx, Chris
 Chris Richmond         | I don't speak for Intel & vise versa    

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