[ntp:questions] Re: 4.2.1-RC

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sat Mar 25 01:16:20 UTC 2006

>> Hmm, might be worth having a 4.2.1-RC2 ?
>We already have patched tarball snapshots - what do you see as the benefit
>of an RC2?

I see it as a naming issue.

RC1 seems like the first release candidate.  I'd expect the next one
to be RC2.  Then RC3... as needed.

You have been bumping the date code as new tarballs get created.
That's fine, I think, just different.  (I assume that's piggybacking
on some normal nightly release scripts.)

It would probably be less confusing for me if the "1" were dropped.
Thus 4.2.1-RC-whenever would indicate that you have switched to release
candidate mode and the whenever part would tell me which
version/candidate it was.

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