[ntp:questions] Re: ntp monitoring

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.isc.org
Sat Mar 25 03:47:23 UTC 2006

On 2006-03-24, Folkert van Heusden <folkert at vanheusden.com> wrote:

> I started an NTP monitoring service.
> http://keetweej.vanheusden.com/ntp/ Free for use. Not sure if it is of
> any use for anyone, plese let me know.

We have an 'ntpd self-check' service at http://ntp.isc.org/ntpq.php

This service will check the current status of the ntpd at the IPv4
address you are browsing from. The following data are collected:

- Time Service availablity

- Peer list

- ntpd variables

No registration required.

Steve Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.isc.org>
NTP Public Services Project - http://ntp.isc.org/

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