[ntp:questions] Re: ntp monitoring

Karel Sandler sandler at ujf.cas.cz
Sat Mar 25 10:58:41 UTC 2006

"Folkert van Heusden"
> I started an NTP monitoring service.
> http://keetweej.vanheusden.com/ntp/
> Free for use.
> Not sure if it is of any use for anyone, plese let me know.

An interesting possibility for me. The service needs some improvements.
1. Your offset and delay values are mix up on the plot.
2. The value you are using for delay is ntpdate filter delay. It is not the 
round trip time. Try ntpdate -q to itself. You will get some value (~ 25 ms) 
which needs to be substracted from all this filter delays.
3. Your server is stratum 2. It would be advisable and interesting to see 
simultaneously also its offset plot (besides a few words about your service 

Karel Sandler

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