[ntp:questions] How to configure gps/pps with ntp?

Chris Richmond - MD6-FDC ~ crichmon at filc8046.fm.intel.com
Sat Mar 25 22:57:11 UTC 2006


   I'm back...  Now that ntp is running, I want to get it going with
my Garmin gps18lvc.  I've got a 2.4.32 kernel with PPSKit running,
linked /dev/ttyS0 -> /dev/pps1, and added "server prefer"
to the config file.  ntpq -p -n reports the .GPS. line, but the data
isn't updating (all zero's except the last field is 4000.00).  I connected
to /dev/ttyS0 with minicom, and I'm getting the NEMA sentences, so
I think the hardware is OK.  I've tried looking through the online
docs, but among all the words are hardly any examples of what to
actually *do*.  I've also looked through Terje's notes, but the
actual configs weren't mentioned.  > ntpq -c rv -p ntp1
shows that refid= (other box, not GPS).

Please let me know what else I need to do.

Thx, Chris

 Chris Richmond         | I don't speak for Intel & vise versa    


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