[ntp:questions] Re: How to configure gps/pps with ntp?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 26 18:55:36 UTC 2006

Chris Richmond - MD6-FDC ~ wrote:
> In article <ywn964m16gb5.fsf at ntp1.isc.org>,
>  Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.isc.org> writes:
>>Please check out and improve:
> Thanks, but I got the complaint about the certificates, and
> where I get to the part about selecting NTP version, OS, etc,
> I'm assuming there are supposed to be pull downs somewhere, but
> they are off-browser to the right, so I can see what's there
> nor select anything.
> Chris

The user interface is anything but obvious!!!   There's a tiny "Edit" on 
the page somewhere.  You're supposed to click on that and then edit the 
text (or add new text.)

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