[ntp:questions] Help with Tobit realtime/DCF77 receiver

Thomas Keusch fwd at gothschlampen.com
Tue Mar 28 09:23:06 UTC 2006


For a few years now I had this receiver lieing idle in my
basement. A few months ago I tried to make some use of it and
hooked it up to my NetBSD 2.0.2 server, but failed to configure
ntpd to get some useful data from it.

I had 1 useful hit in google for it back then, but now I do not find it
anymore. Also this receiver is kinda hard to google for :)
Why? See the pics.

Does anyone have experience with this thing, and maybe a working
configuration, or some hints?

I'd really like to use it as I am on an asynchronous line and
downloading really makes sure my server's quality of time sucks.

Please see

Thank you very much!


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