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>In order to export software from the US that includes encryption
>algorithms an "Export Commodity Control Number" or ECCN is required.
>Does anyone know if there is an ECCN assigned to NTP?  Has any US
>company gone through the process of obtaining an ECCN that I might

See http://cdt.org/crypto/admin/000112commercefactsheet.shtml
particularly second last sentence: lets you off the hook, unless
selling to a government, university, lab, ISP/telco, restricted
country, or denied person! 

"Global Exports of Unrestricted Encryption Source Code

Encryption source code which is available to the public and which is
not subject to an express agreement for the payment of a licensing fee
or royalty for commercial production or sale of any product developed
with the source code may be exported under a license exception without
a technical review. The exporter must submit to the Bureau of Export
Administration a copy of the source code, or a written notification of
its Internet location, by the time of export. Foreign products made
with the unrestricted source code do not require review and
classification by the U.S. Government for reexport. This license
exception should apply to exports of most "open source" software."

See http://bxa.doc.gov for detailed regs, and lists to check. 

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