[ntp:questions] Re: offset values from ntpq and ntptrace

Tanguy.ropitault at gmail.com Tanguy.ropitault at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 07:10:26 UTC 2006

Ok, but it seems that in loops statistic file, the value given for
offset is the value of the ntptrace command result so statitic files
are incorrect??? that is the thing i want to know because i want to see
the performance on NTP on my network, and when i monitor this with
statistic files, i have weird things...
For example, I have a computer on my LAN that is my NTP server. It
synchronizes on NTP's pool.ntp.org server. And all the other computers
of my LAN are synchronized on my NTP server. When I look statistics,
the offset field on the clients have lower value than my ntp server.
Normally, a client machine cannot be more accurate than its server but
it's the case here, because server offset are higher than client...
what is the problem?

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