[ntp:questions] Running Meinbergs NTP server on Windows 2003

Lacko, Gert gert.lacko at edf.de
Wed Mar 29 06:04:36 UTC 2006



I would like to synchronize my UNIX machines, hardware boxes,  etc. with
the same time server all my Windows clients use.


This is an Windows 2003 Sp1 machine.


I installed the Meinberg ntp software. Issuing an "ntpq -p" shows the
correct NTP server being contacted by the W2k3 machine.

Means to me, the software is "working". "Netstat -an" tells me, that
UDP/123 is opened. The firewall is disabled.


However, when I try to set the time on AIX using the setclock command, I
receive an error "a remote host refused an attempted connect operation".

Even a Windows client responds to "net time \\timeserver
<file:///\\timeserver> " with "access denied".


What's going wrong? What do I have to do, in order to make the time
services accessible to every machine on that subnet?


Thank you in advance,




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