[ntp:questions] Re: offset values from ntpq and ntptrace

Tanguy.ropitault at gmail.com Tanguy.ropitault at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 16:03:54 UTC 2006

Ok thanks, in fact, accuracy is the difference between my clock and UTC
time of my reference clock, that's it?
I have read on wikipedia:
"NTP uses Marzullo's algorithm with the UTC time scale, including
support for features such as leap seconds. NTPv4 can usually maintain
time to within 10 milliseconds (1/100 s) over the public Internet, and
can achieve accuracies of 200 microseconds (1/5000 s) or better in
local area networks under ideal conditions" So where in my
configuration can I check that these numbers are verified????
So if I will reask my question one more time, is there a way to
determine my clock accuracy or an estimation of it (compared to the
reference clock?)? or is there no way, and I can only have the
difference between my client and my server? That's strange that nobody
can simply answer to this question;.. Am I the one who want to know the
performance of his NTP client? So, I want to monitor the accuracy, or
an estimation, so I use statistic files and two values seems to be good
for estimating the performance:
Offset: difference between my time and server's time
Estimated errors: wich is the error estimated compared to the server
but if i have well-understood, offset field only give difference
between client and server time, not difference between client and
reference clock time... so estimated error is the same thing, it's the
estimated error compared to server's time, or compared to the reference
clock time? because my boss is asking me, how accurate are ntp on our
network, and I don't know how to answer... and I want to use statistic
files for having graphic if possible.

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