[ntp:questions] Re: offset values from ntpq and ntptrace

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 22:40:08 UTC 2006

Tanguy.ropitault at gmail.com wrote:

> Ok thanks, in fact, accuracy is the difference between my clock and UTC
> time of my reference clock, that's it?
> I have read on wikipedia:
> "NTP uses Marzullo's algorithm with the UTC time scale, including
> Offset: difference between my time and server's time
> Estimated errors: wich is the error estimated compared to the server
> but if i have well-understood, offset field only give difference
> between client and server time, not difference between client and
> reference clock time... so estimated error is the same thing, it's the
> estimated error compared to server's time, or compared to the reference
> clock time? because my boss is asking me, how accurate are ntp on our
> network, and I don't know how to answer... and I want to use statistic
> files for having graphic if possible.
> Thanks

sunblok_$ ntptime
ntp_gettime() returns code 0 (OK)
   time c7d6dc21.fa43f000  Thu, Mar 30 2006 17:37:21.977, (.977599),
   maximum error 7425 us, estimated error 1 us    <<<<<<<<===============
ntp_adjtime() returns code 0 (OK)
   modes 0x0 (),
   offset 0.000 us, frequency 8.558 ppm, interval 256 s,
   maximum error 7425 us, estimated error 1 us,
   status 0x101 (PLL,PPSSIGNAL),
   time constant 0, precision 1.000 us, tolerance 512 ppm,
   pps frequency 0.000 ppm, stability 0.000 ppm, jitter 2.000 us,
   intervals 6555, jitter exceeded 33, stability exceeded 4, errors 8.

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