[ntp:questions] NTP internal server?

Koos van den Hout koos at cs.uu.nl
Wed Nov 1 13:52:54 UTC 2006

Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:

> All right.  I give up!!   There are many sites that are not allowed to 
> have an internet connection but I think yours is the first I've heard of 
> where the NTP protocol is specifically forbidden.

I've had it happen at a previous workplace. Network management group
discovered the option of adjusting the clocks of cisco routers using ntp
and directly blocked this protocol to all client networks, because
otherwise clients could compromise network auditing by giving fake ntp
answers. An enlightment in ntp protocol followed. I had to enlighten them
often on network protocols. They probably disliked me.

And nowadays it's customary to block anything that's not explicitly needed
and understood.


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