[ntp:questions] notrust alternative?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 3 17:57:38 UTC 2006

Dennis Hilberg Jr wrote:
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding the output of 'ntpq -p'.  When I use this command, a large list is printed to the screen (sometimes 60 or 
> more entries in length), of which, the first five of the entries are the servers I have listed in my ntp.conf and the rest I'm 
> assuming are clients, or systems using my server's clock as a synchronization source.  Am I correct on that?  Most of the time those 
> five servers are the ones that have +, -, or * next to them.  Of those five, there's always a * and usually two +.  On occasion 
> though, some of the systems in the 'ntpq -p' output OTHER than my five servers have a + next to them.  Is this normal, based on my 
> ntp.conf?  My concern is that my server might be using systems other than the five I have listed in my ntp.conf as a synchronization 
> source.  Perhaps I should have worded my initial post this way, as some replies indicate that I might have failed to explain my 
> situation properly.

Show us the output of ntpq -p

You should not have more than five entries in the ntpq "banner".  They 
should be the servers you listed in your ntp.conf.  I can't imagine 
where the others are coming from!!

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