[ntp:questions] Remarkably good CPU oscillators?

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sun Nov 5 18:08:33 UTC 2006

In article <1162738456.358848.206590 at h48g2000cwc.googlegroups.com>,
 shoppa at trailing-edge.com writes:
>I have a tiny mini-ITX motherboard that has served as a stratum-1 for
>several years.
>It sits in the basement, so no radically wild swings in temperature or
>other environmental factors.
>Still, this morning when I look back at a few years of loopstats, the
>oscillator in this thing is remarkably, and maybe unbelievably, stable.
>It has stuck in the -2.5 to -5.5 PPM range over the past two years, and
>in a typical daily swing it might go up and down by a 0.5 PPM.
>Is this statistic just "too good to be true"? Or did I luck out when I
>bought this box many years ago?

Seems fine to me.  I'll bet you can back compute the temperature
from the drift.

My unheated/uncooled setup swings by 2 ppm each day.  That's with
a 10 F temperature swing.

>It has two refclocks available, wwv_audio and a Z3801A (via hpgps and a
>PPS nanokernel), and cross-checking between the two I believe them

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