[ntp:questions] USNO Clock Fast?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 6 20:56:37 UTC 2006

Daniel Norton wrote:

> Why does USNO show several seconds faster than time.gov (and other
> references)?

It is not, now, off by "several seconds".  I'm inclined to doubt that it 
ever was!   I think you are misinterpreting something.  Perhaps you are 
reading milliseconds as seconds?

 From here, tick.usno.navy.mil is within 898 microseconds of my own 
stratum 1 (GPS reference clock) server which is amazingly good.  Usually 
internet servers are off by anywhere from two to ten milliseconds!  Note 
that the servers themselves are within a few microseconds or even a few 
nanoseconds of the correct time but asymmetric network delays usually 
introduce an offset of several milliseconds.

FWIW, the "offset" in the ntpq -p banner is in milliseconds!

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