[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.2p4 loopstats

mills at udel.edu mills at udel.edu
Wed Nov 8 16:48:28 UTC 2006


As you know, I have no faith whatsoever in what ntpdc claims are 
performance statistics. I've been trying to deprecate that program for 
years, as it uses ancient and outdated state variables. I do stand by 
the ntpq statistics, which have been carefully updated over the years. 
Maybe somebody changed the display from dispersion to jitter, but this 
would be at best misleading.

I do see the op command using ntpq is misleading. The heading says 
dispersion but the value actually displayed is jitter. The op command 
should be deprecated, as it was added long ago with mistaken zeal. There 
might be more abuse in those commands; the only ones I watch carefully 
are the rv, as and pe commands.


Harlan Stenn wrote:

>>>>In article <lzw3h.771$Ks7.723 at newsfe02.lga>, John Gill <jg at jgill.net> writes:
> John> The tarball was downloaded from ntp.isc.org on 11/4, and was built
> John> with no configure options.
> ntp.isc.org does not have any downloads on it - the pages there point to the
> UDel download area.
> Also notice this line from the NEWS file for ntp-dev:
>  * [Bug 666] ntpq opeers displays jitter rather than dispersion.
> so http://bugs.ntp.isc.org/666 will have more information about this, in
> case it might be relevant.
> H

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