[ntp:questions] Time synchronization on an autonomous isolated network

jwm jwmej at NOSPAMyahoo.com
Sat Nov 11 09:05:00 UTC 2006

I have a network from 4 to 8 PC's of which the time needs to be
synchronized. There is no external reliable time source available. In
principal all PC's should all have a time around
the wall clock time before being connected on the network. In any case the
initial time deltas should be less then 5 minutes.

If all the PC's are booted, they should after a (short) time be
synchronized. The initial time adjustments don't need to be slewed. If there
is one PC
with a bad clock, I want to avoid that the other PC's get the time of the
bad clock.
All this should be configured in such a way that no administrator
intervention is required. The network should determine itself with which
PC's they want to synchronize the time.

I know that the time drift in such networks can be considerable, but this is
not really an issue. I'm more concerned about the fact that when booting all
the PC's at the same time all the PC's get a synchronized time which is
reasonable, even if there is 1 PC with a bad clock and this within a
reasonable timeframe (less then 10 minutes).

Is it possible to configure NTP in such a way that the requirements
listed above can be met?

Thanks a lot for the advice.

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