[ntp:questions] Stabilizing the drift file?

Robert Wachinger job at Robert-Wachinger.de
Wed Nov 22 12:28:27 UTC 2006

Maarten Wiltink <maarten at kittensandcats.net> wrote:
> "Robert Wachinger" <job at Robert-Wachinger.de> wrote in message
> news:ek175f$sp9$1 at daniel-new.mch.sbs.de...
> [...]
>> We have here the requirement to have a replaced board (a fresh one
>> from the factory, where a correct content of the drift file is
>> unknown) up after 5 minutes in a cluster, which also means, that
>> its time does not stray more than 10ms (within the cluster).
>> Any tips?
>> We tried here to "play" with minpoll, burst, initial drift files
>> (value 0).

> Iburst would start you with a low offset. But that has really
> absolutely nothing to do with intrinsic frequency error.

> Can you run (NTP on) the board outside the cluster? Your problem is
> that you don't know the correct drift value. It seems simple then:
> you should find out.

That would mean additional manual handling (and is therefore costful).

> I'm not sure if limiting maxpoll is guaranteed to keep your offset
> low the way running ntpdate often would; frankly I doubt it.

So no idea, to reduce the time until a drift value is stable enough.

> Doesn't the cluster allow you to add nodes in standby mode?

Hm, nice idea. Maybe that could work ...

Regards, Robert

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