[ntp:questions] xntpd related querries

lulu neoequal at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 12:14:48 UTC 2006

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a newbie to the ntp protocol. I read about this and try accumulate
some aspect about it
Please let me whether I am right or wrong.

NTP is a protocol which helps in synchronising our system clock with
respect to a reference clock.

So what I tried taken three system in a LAN which have all the xntpd
installed in it. All the
related utilities also present like ( ntpq , ntpdc etc..)

Taken one system (say A ( ) configured the  ntp.conf
file by putting one entry
like :
driftfile /etc/inet/ntp.drift

Then other two systems has similarly ntp.conf file as follows :

System B (

driftfile /etc/inet/ntp.drift

System C (

driftfile /etc/inet/ntp.drift

Then I started the deamon xntpd in the server with the debuging option
on i.e. "-d".
But I dont find the time of system B and C are not geting updated with
that of System A ( server)
The above assumption is mine. Because what I think System B and Sytem C
will think Syetem A
to be their server to update which it is not doing 

Any answer ????

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