[ntp:questions] Stabilizing the drift file?

Juergen.Salm at siemens.com Juergen.Salm at siemens.com
Thu Nov 23 13:13:54 UTC 2006

mills at udel.edu wrote :

> When first starting ntpd without the drift file, by default the state
> machine takes fifteen minutes to directly compute the initial frequency
> estimate within about 1 PPM, then enables the native clock discipline
> algorithm.

Hi Dave.

You statement is correct for the complete variety of platforms ntp
However, on a Linux system (with at least 1us time resolution) you can
get reasonable estimates for the drift much faster.
Have a look at my script in
Changing the stepout as you proposed should give the same results (on
Unfortunately, I didn't understand the meaning of 'stepout' from the
documentation. ;-(


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