[ntp:questions] Re: Using a Symmetricomm 1100 as a reference clock?

Heiko Gerstung hg at heiko-gerstung.de
Wed Oct 4 01:22:26 UTC 2006

Scott Baker schrieb:
> We currently have a Symmetricom TimeProvider 1100 providing timing
> to our Class 5 Siemens Voice Switch. It's highly accurate and and
> I'm wondering if I couldn't use that also as a clock source for my
> ntp server.
> I called Symmetricom and they want to sell me an "upgrade" to allow
> me to do NTP out of the box. That just seems silly to me. It does
> have LOTS of ports out the back that I'm thinking I could wire to
> some DB9 connector and plugin to our NTP server?
> Checking the reference clock drivers section I don't see mention of
> this box. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Seems crazy that my
> multi-thousand dollar "time source" can't provide clocking to my IP
> network.

You should check if it can output a time string somehow, I am pretty
sure it will have some sort of PPS coming out of it, so if you get a
time string and a PPS, you have a good chance to find a compatible driver.

Best regards,

> Scott
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