[ntp:questions] Can I specify log file in config file ?

Jeff Boyce jboyce at meridianenv.com
Thu Oct 5 16:14:04 UTC 2006

Greetings -

I have read through the man page, the web support site, and have been 
following the mailing list for months, but I have not seen an answer to this 
question so I thought I would try here.  Please forgive me if it has been 
answered elsewhere, then point me to where I can find it, since it seems 
like such a simple question.  I have a lot of ntp messages cluttering up my 
general syslog file (var/log/messages) and I would like to have the ntp 
messages go to a specific ntp log files such as var/log/ntpmsg.  I was 
hoping to be able to define the log file for ntp in my configuration file, 
but I do not see any information detailing how I would do that.  I did 
notice that I can specify a log file as an argument when starting ntp from 
the command line, but I do not want to have to remember that each time I 
have to start/restart ntp.  So the important question is: how can I specify 
in the configuration file a unique log file to send all my ntp log messages 
to?  Thanks for any help.

Jeff Boyce

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