[ntp:questions] Re: W2003 Server SP2 Problems with W32TM

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.not-this-bit.nor-this-part.uk
Wed Oct 11 06:43:12 UTC 2006

Danny Mayer wrote:
> Eugen COCA wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've tested a W2k3 box time synchronization by setting the server
>> using the command line:
>> net time /setsntp:time.usv.ro
>> net stop w32time
>> net start w32time
> The fact that you had to stop and start the service indicates how
> badly the net time interface was written. It doesn't take much to
> write code update information in the registry and then notify the
> service to go reread it and act accordingly.

In my previous experience with the w32time service, there was no need to 
restart it to read the new data, and make it set the time.  I think you 
may be reading too much into Eugen's batch file, but I'd be interested to 
hear from him.


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